18 Şubat 2014 Salı

Client Story: A Comparative Perspective on Birkman

During one of my free introductory sessions with a new client, I explained the benefits of using Birkman, and how it would speed up our coaching process and make it more effective for her overall progress.

She insisted on sending me the report of another test wanting to use that with our coaching. She explained she did not want to pay for another test which gave her the same results, she already had some insights and felt those were very accurate.

So, I offered for her to take a free trial of the Birkman Method. IF she thought that the Birkman interpretation session, where to give her more insight than her current report, she would agree to pay for the Birkman and sign a coaching agreement.

After she took the Birkman test, we had set up our 90 minute interpretation session. During the session she compared her Birkman results with the other report.

While we were talking about her Acceptance score, she said “ I know I am a team spirited person”. Yes she is social with her high Acceptance Usual score, but does it mean she could be team spirited with all types of teams?

So, I asked her if she felt that she could work with all kinds of teams with the same spirit. Of course the answer is NO.

Her Usual Acceptance score is high, but her Need is very low. Also, her Authority Need is moderate with a low Structure Need, and her Advantage Need is high. When I explained to her that her motivational and relational needs needed to kept in balance to help her be a better team player, she experienced a big AHA moment.

Her reaction was very significant, she said:
I was trying to follow the “ you should not and you should ” part of the other report and I always thought that I kept failing. I am not happy with my team and I kept delaying necessary things, I was having trouble at being on time for the meetings that I set up.The report suggested for me to be with the team as much as possible giving me a better understanding of what was lacking before. I always thought those were my weaknesses and I blamed myself. ( her moderate/high Challenge score)

Now she knows those reactions were her stress behaviors and she is happy with the progress on her ability to rebuild the relationships according to her Needs.

In our last coaching session she said:
Thank  you for insisting that I take the Birkman, I am not happy only in the workplace, now I am having less conflict with my husband, too. I now know what I need to do when I feel stressed, also more importantly how to control my own relationships from not being in stress in the first place.

Thank you to the Birkman Method for facilitating my coaching and change management projects, that contribute to a greater success in my own career.

Nazli Eda YAVUZ
CEO&Founder, NEY Consulting and Trainin
Executive&Leadership Coach
Change Management Expert
Certified  Birkman Consultant 

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